Halo 4, Campaign Art dan Desain Senjata

Halo 4 akan dirilis November ini. Untuk meningkatkan hype-nya, berikut beberapa concept art untuk campaign, multiplayer, desain senjata, dan wajah-wajah familiar.


Calling all Spartans! Seperti yang kita semua tahu, Halo 4 akan dirilis November ini. Untuk meningkatkan hype-nya, berikut beberapa concept art untuk campaign, multiplayer, desain senjata, dan musuh-musuh familiar (credit gambar: Game Informer).

Berikut adalah lokasi-lokasi yang akan kamu jumpai dalam campaign:

Halo 4 promises to introduce gamers to a whole new set of locations, enemies, and story lines surrounding the adventures of Master Chief and Cortana. While many elements of that new vision, including details about the new enemies in the game, remain under wraps, a closer look at concept art from the game helps to illustrate some of the most exciting new elements on the way.

058/05/2012: world610

Lost in Space

John-117 and Cortana have been floating through space aboard the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn for four years, seven months, and ten days. This interior shot of the shattered ship hints at some important story elements. Cortana’s curled up form speaks to her distress, which will play strongly into some of the events of the game. As Halo 4 begins, Cortana will be facing her own imminent madness and death; as a smart AI, her seven year lifespan will create serious challenges to the unshakeable partnership between the two characters.

058/05/2012: Halo4_Environment-Campaign-01

A Glimpse of Things To Come

This atmospheric piece is more than meets the eye. Depicting the observation deck of the Forward Unto Dawn, a closer look offers two big details outside the ship’s window. The Covenant Banshee flying past proves that Master Chief isn’t quite done with his fight against Elites and the rest of the Covenant races. More importantly, the glowing blue light further back reveals the opening into the vast Forerunner artificial world called Requiem. Events will conspire to send the Forward Unto Dawn through that gateway and down to the planet beyond the outer shell.

058/05/2012: Halo4_Environment-Campaign-02

Crash Landing

The Forward Unto Dawn will eventually pass through the outer shell of Requiem and crash land onto the surface of the planet inside, echoing the beginnings of Halo: Combat Evolved and Master Chief’s unceremonious crash onto the original Halo. While it’s unclear how central this crash site will be to the rest of the story, it’s apparent that Master Chief will get at least some of his human-built weapons and vehicles from the remains of the hulking wreck.

058/05/2012: Halo4_Environment-Campaign-03


One of the central locations depicted in Halo 4, Requiem is an ancient artificial world created by the mysterious Forerunner civilization millennia ago. A big part of Halo 4 will involve exploring its many secrets. Take a closer look at the art, and you can see that the pillar-like objects are actually hanging from above. That’s because Requiem is surrounded by a huge outer shell, and numerous stalactite-like objects hang down from the interior of the ceiling.

058/05/2012: Halo4_Environment-Campaign-04

Ruined, Yet Still Alive

The Forerunner structures on Requiem may be ancient and at times overgrown, but 343 promises that we’ll also see these facilities more active and alive than Forerunner ruins in previous games. While it’s unclear who the new enemies will be on the planet, it’s obvious by the familiar handheld shields in this image that the Covenant are also present on the mysterious world. 343 has suggested that we’ll see interesting interactions between the Covenant and the new enemy force. Something tells us the new bad guys aren’t going to like the Coveanant being on Requiem any more than they like Master Chief being there.

058/05/2012: H4_campaign_concept1

Ancient Technology

Here’s another glimpse at the strange environment of Requiem, and the obelisk-like Forerunner structures that still exist there after 100,000 years. Requiem is a special variation on a Forerunner Shield World. Among other things, the Shield Worlds were constructed by the Forerunners as places that would remain safe from the Halo pulse that wiped out all sentient life in the galaxy. Have Forerunners survived all these centuries? Or does something else live here now?

058/05/2012: H4_campaign_concept2

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