Digital Happiness and CAB Unleashed DreadOut Comics!

After released the new trailer for DreadOut that will bring out more of the scary and mystical elements, now we heard that Digital Happiness will be release the first chapter of the game first in a comic form.


Komik DreadOut

Several days ago, Digital Happiness had released the new trailer for DreadOut that will bring out more of the scary and mystical elements. We heard that DreadOut will be released before this year ends, where Digital Happiness will release the first chapter of the game first. And what a good news that to make the DreadOut experience be more thorough, Digital Happiness partnered with Curhat Anak Bangsa (CAB) to release its comic version!

The comic launch event was held on November in Bandung. The comic will be comprised of two different parts which were drawn by two comic artists, Ekyu team and Rendra M. Ridwan while the story was written by R. Amdani. The first story was set at the same time and place with the game, only with a different storyline. Meanwhile, the second story was taking place in Indonesia’s war for independence era. “The comics offer different story, characters, and time line with the game. The only thing similar is the location.” said Rachmad Imron, DreadOut’s Game Producer to

Komik DreadOut

Although drawn with Japanese manga style, the chilling effect was thoroughly felt in the comics. Rachmad also revealed that for now, the comic will only be comprised of two chapters and the follow u will depend on gamers’ and readers’ response. ”As of now, there will be only two chapters from two artists for the comic while the continuation will depend on the response,” he continues. The difference between the comic and the game itself was to make the comic as the illustration of the game, also serve as the warming-up prior to the real game when it released.

Furthermore, Rachmad said that they wish to make DreadOut as IP that was owned by many people. “We wish that DreadOut can be an IP for many people so they can adapt it to different medium, such as comics like this.” Rachmad also welcomed with open hands for Indonesia’s creative industry to other mediums. “A better way to say it that DreadOut can be an IP that was owned by all. It’s open, as long as it fits the content limitation we provide. You can all implement the game at a different medium.”

Komik DreadOut

DreadOut comics can be found in your nearest bookstore while the game version will be released in two different formats, digital and retail. One thing for sure is that the digital version will be distributed by Steam.

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