Review: Sugar Tales, Match 3 Puzzle Game with Addictive Gameplay!

Surabaya-based game developer ArtLogic currently preparing a casual game for Facebook called Sugar Tales. Several days ago, ArtLogic Games officially released the game! The game itself targeting casual gamers.


Sugar Tales

As we have reported previously, Surabaya-based game developer ArtLogic Games that widely known through their Epic War titles is currently preparing a casual game for Facebook called Sugar Tales. Several days ago, utilizing 11-12-13 moment, ArtLogic Games officially released the game! The game itself targeting casual gamers and it’s quite unusual, considering ArtLogic Games’ product are usually hardcore games. In Sugar Tales, the game is displayed in cute and colorful characters and utilizing social aspects offered by Facebook.

If your favorite game genre is match-3-puzzle-pieces like Candy Crush Saga, this game is definitely hit your list. In this game, you will play a monster that really loves cakes, chocolates, and everything sweet. Your goal in this game is to satisfy its appetite by directing it to the closest three cakes with the same color and type. The gameplay is fairly easy, you only need to use your mouse’s left click to move the monster to the cake to get the score.

Sugar Tales

The goal in each level is also varies. There are levels that requires you to get a certain score limited by the number of maneuver, there are also levels limited by time. Also, the higher your level, the more challenge that you will face, from jelly-covered cakes, ice cubes, chest, and a final boss appearance! This game also provides several interesting power ups to make it easier to reach a target in a level, such as adding maneuver or destroying all same-colored cakes on screen.

Sugar Tales

During several early levels, you won’t encounter any significant difficulties to get the maximum 4-stars offered. Especially if you’re an ‘expert’ in playing match-3-puzzle-pieces, it will be easy to tune into the game although there only be limited moves or limited time to get the targeted result. However, the higher the level, the more difficult it will be. You also have to be careful with the bosses that should be defeated so they won’t bother you in achieving the level’s target.

Sugar Tales

Although the gameplay offered is very simple, this game is really addictive. To get three similar cakes to obtain the score sounds easy, but doing it while targeting Super Cake make it very challenging. Super Cake can be an effective ‘shortcut’ to get multiple points. Other than Super Cake, your monster also required to not being cornered since in several levels you will only get three cakes and find difficulties in escaping the situation.

Other than addictive gameplay, there are so many gimmicks provided by ArtLogic in the game. One of them is slot machine. If you can get three same pictures at once, you are eligible to get several different in-game items. To play the token machine, you need a token and you can exchange token with your friend. Not only that there is in app purchase to by the much-needed power up, or if you want to get a character or if you want this character to substitute the default character.

Sugar Tales

The Facebook version itself is just a starting step since as confirmed by Rudy Sudarto – CEO of ArtLogic Games – after made available for Facebook, the game will be released in mobile version both for iOS and Android. If you want to try this game, go directly to the app page here.


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