Road Safety Game on Shell Road Safety Competition 2013

On 18 December 2013, Shell Indonesia held Shell Road Safety Competition (RSC) 2013, the event that focused on road safety awareness



On 18 December 2013, Shell Indonesia held Shell Road Safety Competition (RSC) 2013. The event focused on road safety awareness was held at Taman Lalu Lintas Saka Bhayangkara, Cibubur camping ground where 450 4th, 5th, and 6th graders from more than 25 elementary schools from five regions of Jakarta. During the event, Shell Indonesia also launched a road-safety themed game titled Shell Road Safety Pop Game – or “Road Pop” for short – is an educational web-based game aimed to introduce traffic signs for elementary school students.  RSC 2013 opening ceremony and the game launching was led by President Director & Country Chairman PT Shell Indonesia Darwin Silalahi along with Kombes DR. Chrysnanda Dwilaksana, POLDA Metro Jaya Traffic Director and DR. Taufik Yudi Mulyanto, M.Pd, Head of Elementary and Middle School Education for DKI Jakarta.

The annual RSC always draw huge response from elementary students, motivating Shell to create an internet-based road safety game to reach even much more elementary students so that they can be educated on disciplines and road safety.

Oscar Kurniawan from Tanoshii Creative – the developer of Road Pop – said that he feels excited and challenged to create a game with such strong message on disciplines on road that started from road signs familiarization. Compared to other games that stimulate fingers, this game will stimulate kids’ brain to be familiar with traffic signs in a fun, entertaining way. For now, Road Pop consists of 4 levels with 3 sub-levels each. The goal of the game in each level is to match three traffic signs or driving safety means at the minimum. The game was divided into road safety for pedestrians, bikers, motorcycle drivers, and car drivers. “We tried to combine education and fun in this game” said Oscar.

Polda Metro Jaya Traffic Director, Kombes DR. Chrysnanda Dwilaksana expressing a positive response towards the elementary students-focused Road Pop. “We hope that other than familiarizing kids with traffic signs, this game will nurture them to understand road safety. Hopefully in the future they can be the agent of change in road safety and discipline in Indonesia.” he said. Based on Indonesian National Police data, there are 109,038 road accidents with 27,441 death casualties from 2012 alone. Even WHO stated that road accidents in Indonesia has become the #3 cause of death after heart attack and TBC. 2011 WHO data reveals that 67% of road accident victims are at their productive age, 22 to 50 years old, where 1,000 of it are kids and teenagers.

DR. Taufik Yudi Mulyanto, M.Pd, Head of Elementary and Middle School Education for DKI Jakarta also said that the education of road safety and discipline is crucial for kids to prevent the increase of the number of road accident casualties from kids and teenagers. Considering the fact, Shell’s RSC 2013 and the internet-based game launch will provide more means in educating students on traffic signs.  Especially now where information technology has become a part of a student’s life. “We embrace all kinds of participation both from companies and from individuals in helping creating early-age traffic discipline awareness,” He said.

As for now, Road Pop can be accessed from, a website built by Shell Indonesia solely to educate people on road safety and discipline. “The main challenge is how to make the traffic signs education interesting – by making it fun and sprinkle a little competition in it.” said Oscar who won Shell LiveWIRE Business Start-Up Awards (BSA) 2012.


Road Safety Knowledge Competition

RSC is one of Shell Indonesia’s social investment programs that aimed to motivate elementary students to test their knowledge and skill in road safety. Here, students compete in showing their ability to be discipline on the competition ‘road’ that conditioned to represent the real road at Taman Lalu Lintas Saka Bhayangkara. There are several competitions, such as Bicycle Race, Wastebasket Coloring, Quick Quiz, Create and Sing Jingle, and Presentation about Road Safety.

Shell RSC was held since 2009. Road safety education had been Shell’s social investment priority in many countries such as Malaysia and Singapore where they also held Shell Traffic Games for years. The 33rd Shell Traffic Games was held on August 2013 at Singapore. In Singapore, the event involves even preschool kids. They even able to learn about road safety and discipline through a new online game called Traffic Guardians that was created by a 9-membered student team of Nanyang Polytechnic. Shell Traffic Games was first held on 1958 with the purpose to educate children on the importance of road safety with an interactive and fun learning environment.

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