Bali Is Ready Too for Global Game Jam 2014!

Game developers from outside Java, Bali to be exact, are also ready to participate in the biggest game jam in the world, Global Game Jam 2014.


Global Game Jam Bali

Global Game Jam (GGJ) 2014’s buzz is not only heard in cities in Java such as Jakarta, Jogjakarta, and Surabaya. Game developers from outside Java, Bali to be exact, are also ready to participate in the biggest game jam in the world. Global Game Jam Bali 2014 will be held at the same time with other regions, from 24 January 2014 on 14.00 to 26 January 2014. The site chose in Robotic Lab Stikom Bali in Denpasar.

Anyone in Bali can join this game jam. Programmer, artist, composer, both pro and rookies in game development world can participate. To further assist the participants, the organizers had prepared several facilities for the two days event.

“We have prepared internet connections, LCD, table, chair, and an adequate rest area for the participants.” said DarmaKotama, Bali region organizer to The organizer also had set the targeted number of participant for this game jam. “Up until now, there are 13 people registered in the local registration form. Our target is 20 people so we can maximize the team to consist of 4 personnel.” he continues.

Global Game Jam Bali

Other than the non-stop game developing for two days, the organizer had also prepared additional events. “From GGJ’s official schedule, the first day will have 2 (two) talk session. We plan to have talk session with Stikom about game industry and a sharing session for ideas and experiences from game developing professionals in Bali.” Darma said. Darma also shares his expectation for Bali’s participation in this year’s GGJ. “We simply hope for the growth of Bali’s creative industry, in line with the purpose of the establishment of Bali game developer community. We also hope we can be the place for these creative people. For the future, we hope that there are more people care about the industry’s growth, especially game developing industry.”

To join Global Game Jam Bali, you can follow the easy steps below:

The regional organizer also suggests the participants to read the FAQ prior to participating to know about the rules and the finalized game’s license status. They also express their readiness in organizing the GGJ. “We’re currently at the publication stage and creating the buzz for the event.” said Darma.

You are at Bali or its neighboring cities and wanted to develop a game together with other Bali-based game developers and other developers worldwide? Register soon!

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