GetAmped 2 Server Indonesia Will Be Opened Soon!

Japan-based online game developer, CyberStep, recently announced that they will release one of their games, GetAmped 2, for Indonesian gamers.


GetAmped 2

Japan-based online game developer, CyberStep, recently announced that they will release one of their games, GetAmped 2, for Indonesian gamers. The game will start its official service on Thursday, 23 January 2014. The players from its Closed Beta days can use their Beta Client during the official service by simply adding a patch that will be available nearing the official launch date. CyberStep also had prepared a new version of the client that already has the necessary patch, thus the new players will need less patch if they haven’t had the client.

GetAmped 2 is a fast-paced 3D fighting game with anime-style visual graphic and voiced by famous Japanese voice actors. This game provides so many fighting style and movements that can be chosen by the players to engage in a battle with other players or fighting NPCs in available missions. The players can also change their characters’ appearance using skin editor and polygon editor and utilize the game’s various social features to have fun with their friends.

GetAmped 2

Pre-Purchase Opening!

To celebrate the official launch of GetAmped 2 Indonesia, CyberStep held a pre-purchase promo. This pre-purchase promo is additional prize for the players that settle their payment prior to the start of the official service. CyberStep also will give additional prize that fill their Crescent prior to the server launch. The prizes are as follows:

GetAmped 2

You can participate in pre-purchase event from 10 January 2014 3 PM until 22 January 2014 5 PM. Remember, this special offer only valid if the players paid during the time period!

Other than that, there are also additional bonuses for players filling their crescent in certain amount. Below are the price list, the crescent amount, and the additional item that can be obtained after the filling.

GetAmped 2

Closed Beta Test Prize!

GetAmped 2

For the Closed Beta Test players, as announced during Closed Beta phase, the crescent they obtained during Closed Beta Test is theirs even during official service. CyberStep will also give Ranking Reward during official launch for players placed at top 100. The Ranking Reward and the winners can be checked here.

GetAmped 2 Indonesia Opening Tournament!

CyberStep also plans to hold a tournament to celebrate GetAmped 2 Indonesia opening with the prize offered totaling 10 million rupiahs! Further detail of the tournament will be announced soon.

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