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After Jakarta and Jogjakarta, Surabaya followed by receiving approval and prepared to be one of the sites for Global Game Jam 2014 in Indonesia.


Global Game Jam Surabaya

After Jakarta and Jogjakarta received approval from the central organizer to hold Global Game Jam (GGJ) 2014, Surabaya followed by receiving approval and prepared to be one of the sites for GGJ 2014 in Indonesia. Global Game Jam Surabaya 2014 will be held at the same time with other site, from 24 January 2014 on 14.00 to 26 January 2014. For the venue, it will be held at Mojiken Studio’s Hall at Jl. Raya Kendangsari51 Surabaya.

The event itself will follow the standard schedule from the central organizer with a twist since they plan to have more activity in it. “Other than talk session, we plan to have conference-styled seminar with other regions.” said Eka Pramudita, GGJ Surabaya organizer and co-founder of Mojiken Studio. Surabaya region organizer also had prepared several facilities that can be enjoyed by GGJ Surabaya participants. “We provide electricity outlet, table, carpet, also internet connection. We will do it by lesehan (T/N: sitting on the floor). We provide food to those that wanted to join the mass ordering, we also provide options for those wanted to buy their own food. They’re free to choose.” He continues.

Global Game Jam Surabaya

Participating in GGJ Surabaya is fairly simple and the organizer put no limitation on who can join this event, programmer, artist, or even those who only recently involved in game development world.

To join Global Game Jam Surabaya, you can follow the steps below:

The regional organizer also suggests the participants to read the FAQ prior to participating to know about the rules and the finalized game’s license status. Eka also reveals that Surabaya is very ready in organizing GGJ 2014. “We’re currently at 70%, only things left are distributing posters to campuses and several minor preparation.” Eka said. At the time this article written, there are 15 people registered in Surabaya site while the targeted participant number is 20-30 people.

You are at Surabaya or its neighboring cities and wanted to develop a game together with other Surabaya-based game developers and other developers worldwide? Register soon!


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