Knight of Steel, Gatotkaca’s Adventure in the Newest Game from Creacle Studio

Yogyakarta-based game developer, Creacle Studio, recently launched an action platformer game called Knight of Steel.

Knight of Steel

Yogyakarta-based game developer, Creacle Studio, recently launched their newest game. This time, the winner of Mobile Games Developer War (MGDW) released an action platformer game called Knight of Steel (KoS). KoS is an action platformer game specially targeted for Nokia Asha Full Touch users. KoS itself follows the story of a knight of steel named Gatotkaca and his mission in Arcapada realm.

Knight of Steel


KoS’ storyline is adapted from the ancient text Mahabharata from India that was also highly popular in Indonesia with the various adaptations. At the beginning of the game, the players will play Bima, Gatotkaca’s father until Gatotkaca’s birth. The players later will be brought to Gatotkaca’s adventure from Candradimukacrater to gods’ Khayangan.” said GathotFajar, Creacle CEO and the designer of the game.

Knight of Steel

Knight of Steel

There are 7 levels in this game with various gameplays. Along with the level upgrade, the Knight of Steel’s skill will also be upgraded with the additional powerful moves to defeat the increasingly stronger opponent. The interesting thing about the game is the visual graphic, where this game is using nice pixel art graphic. To play the game, KoS provides a virtual button mechanism that can be implemented in a touchscreen.

Interested in trying KoS? This game is already available in Ovi Store for just Rp 3,000. As for now, this game can be enjoyed by Nokia Asha 311, 309, 310, dan 305 users and will be available for other Nokia S40 platform in the near future.

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