Preview: Mirror War Online, Entering Open Beta Test (OBT) Phase on 9 January 2014!

The new game from Gemscool at the beginning of 2014, Mirror War, is finally entering its OBT phase on Thursday, 9 January 2014 at 1 PM.


Mirror War

The new game from Gemscool at the beginning of 2014, Mirror War, is finally entering its OBT phase on Thursday, 9 January 2014 1 PM. Mirror War is actually not a new game since this game already released since 2010 in South Korea by its developer, L&K Logic. Since its release, this game received positive response from gamers there. For publishing in Indonesia, L&K Logic partnered with Gemscool.

Mirror War

So many gamers wonder why the interval between CBT with OBT is so long. The answer can be found during the OBT phase. During the intervening period, Mirror War teams had upgraded various features and surely it will make you all happy. Curious on what are the new features? Let’s check it out below!

Tournament System

Mirror War


Tournament system in Mirror War is quite similar to PvP. The difference is the tournament system is elimination system where players will be engaged in battle one by one until we can get the final winner.

New Item Upgrade System

Mirror War

Enhance: Enhance feature now add the amount of enhance stone to increase the success rate.

Grade Enhance: Grade when the item found, the item’s grade shown by letters (E,D,C,B,A,S,SS).

Mirror War

Item Enchant: The process to give additional bonus to certain equipment. Item enchating can be done at NPC enchanter in certain cities.

New Faction (Black Sorcery)



Warrior is always needed in battle. Warrior also gives the time for Magician for casting. They can cause huge damage and can be used for Counter Attack.

Equipment used by Warrior:

One-Handed Axe

Two-Handed Axe

Halberd (2nd job)



Conjurer is the first step to be Sorcerer. They equipped by Destruction, Scroll Summoning, and Illusion skill. Unlike Warrior, Conjurer does not wear heavy armor.

Equipment used by Conjurer:





Robber is a unique job. They possessed basic fighting skills and the ability to utilize enemy’s weakness. Robbers are very skillful in collecting goods and money. They use Light Armor to maintain their speed.

Equipment used by Robber:







Witch Mirror War

Witch always related to huge, boiling kettle. Charm and Doll is their main equipment. They also use flying broom to help them jump in a long time. Witch does not wear Armor, only thin fabric.

Equipment used by Witch:


During OBT, there will be so many interesting prizes from events prepared by Mirror War team. Want to know what are the event and the prize? Check here or click the following image!


By participating in the events, you can stand a chance to get various prizes. Interested in trying out the new features in Mirror War and joining the OBT event? Download the game here or click the following image:


Upon finishing the installation, login to Mirror War using your Gemscool ID. If you haven’t had one, the registration process is really simple. You can register by clicking this link or click the following image.


Don’t miss it! Grab your friends and play Mirror War, started from 9 January 2014, 1AM!

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