Super Soccer Football Manager, Simulation Gameplay Combination with Real Statistical Data

How are Fantasy Manager and Football Manager elements combined into one game? The answer can be found in this game called Super Soccer Football Manager


For the fans of soccer game, maybe they have understood with simulation genre by being manager with soccer club often offered by manager games, say like Football Manager and Championship Manager available in PC. The both games offer detailed and deep simulation gameplay which makes the player as if they become real soccer club managers. On the other side, there is also Fantasy Football game (or often also named with Fantasy Manager) which uses real statistical data but doesn’t have the gameplay depth as in simulation game. How is it if both elements combined into one game? The answer can be found in this game called Super Soccer Football Manager.

Super Soccer Football Manager is a new breakthrough which combines official statisticaldata of English League with option to arrange and choose your dream team. In this game, you will be really tested to become an English League manager. The use of statistical data is supported by Supper Soccer, as the statistics holder of English Barclays Premier League (BPL) in Indonesia who will provide more than 60 kinds of match statistical data to use by managers to compete becoming the best manager.

This game is different by other Fantasy Football because it is more challenging thanks to 110 detailed statistical data from real matches to determine players performance in this game. Several data like tackle amount, accurate kick, cross, dribbling done by real players in the field are all counted in real time and become point trigger for the players. This statistical data is real time because it is updated every 5 seconds based on data happen in real match. That statistical data is obtained thanks to Supper Soccer’s cooperation with BPL English League where there are more than 110 statistical data kinds which then affect the players rating and eventually affect user’s achievement as club manager in this game.

This game offers option a la simulation gameplay offered by both Football Manager and Championship Manager. Anyone can choose and buy their favorite players and combine them into one dream team. This team will compete with other teams in collecting points based on players’ statistics in BPL matches happen on the match day. Not only arranging formation, the players are also challenged to manage team finance, as real BPL team, from paying the players’ salary to stadium maintenance. If there is miscalculation, it is not impossible the team’s financial condition is loss condition and the effect is the players point will drastically drop.

Besides that, this Super Soccer Football Manager also has several interesting features, such as weekly event which makes manager has to think hard to choose the best for the team. For example like if there is any offer from other manager to buy the player in the team, fund offer from sponsor or even the threat for demonstration from supporters/fans who are disappointed by the series of bad match results in weeks. One more interesting feature is the Transfer Exchange that is when the manager can buy and sell players. With fluctuating players condition (injured, card accumulation and others following the players update in real world), this becomes the most waited time by managers to strengthen their teams. Transfer Exchange is opened monthly on date 11th to 15th.

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