Approaching Launching, Dizzel Reload is Sure to Satisfy Gamers

Before doing its official launching on 14 May 2014, PT Kreon introduces their latest game first, Dizzel Reload to gamers.


Dizzel Reload

Before doing its official launching on 14 May 2014, PT Kreon introduces their latest game first, Dizzel Reload. This is more detailed introduction about this game and how the gamers’ opinion is about the game with TPS (Third Person Shooting) genre.

Dizzel Reload itself has actually fifth times held the FGT (Focus Group Test) and the last one was cancelled online on 26 April 2014. Gamers’ are also enthusiastic considering Gemscool itself has been successful with previous game shooting, Point Blank. However, Dizzel Reload will be very different with other game, besides carrying TPS genre, Dizzel Reload has unique variation from weapon, character side to game mode.

Character Aren Characte Zakov

According to one of Dizzel Reload team manager, Testoni, gamers really welcome this game which considered new for online game category. Although the control is more likely the same with Point Blank the gamers’ movement will be different if they play this game.

“The response is good enough, many people are impressed with this game.  Since they usually play FPS, now they play Third Person Shooting so there is the difference,” said Testoni.

One of the impressive movements is the finishing move. This is the action of killing opponent when you already paralyzing the opponent and not only for one move, this last action will be fitted with weapon you use.

The visualization becomes more interesting with new move, like running, jumping or rolling. This move can be used to attack or to avoid. There is also cover shot move, where you can use the surrounding to hide before attacking or helping teammate.


At least that becomes Dizzel Reload’s ace in satisfying the gamers, besides that the weapon and costume addition will be uploaded. In that way, Dizzel Reload hopes this game at least has the same success like Point Blank.

“ We want this game has the same success as Point Blank and we are optimistic that can be achieved in around a year,” Testoni continued.

Dizzel Reload made by Neowiz Games is categorized as adult category because the story and character depth in this game is very strong. This game’s jargon is Military Shooting Action Game, with main theme of damaged humankind’s future because of nuclear war and remaining humans are in war to survive.

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